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... So thou, Oh son of man, I have set thee a watchman unto the house of Israel; therefore thou shalt hear the word at my mouth, and warn them for me

                                              - Ezekiel 33:7

I recently wrote about the plot to destroy Israel HERE and will continue, but right now I am speaking from my heart.

My cousin Pam and her husband are in the middle of adopting a beautiful infant, Faith.

My niece Jessica and her husband have been blessed with a beautiful baby son, John.

My other niece Rachel is on the cusp of starting a new life with a wonderful man named Joe and I'm sure God will bless them with little ones in the future.

My cousins Erika, Rachel and Billy are entering into young adulthood where the world is at their fingertips.

But what "world" will they inherit? What is the "world" that Baby Faith and Baby John will grow up in? What will they know? What will they lose?

Fortunately.. oh, so fortunately.. no matter what the "world" is, these babies will be raised in faith. Erika, Rachel and Billy were raised in faith.. and because of that, they will be the future Good in a world of Evil.

Ok.. if you watch the news you HAVE to know that something very, very wrong is going on in both the Middle East AND in this country.

America has moved away from Good and slipped into bed with Evil, when we were asleep.

Obama, with his anti-Israel cabinet of advisers whose ideology has been funded by a man who's sole mission is in creating a borderless world and open society, has left Israel without an ally. For the first time the United States of America does NOT have Israel's back.

Israel, so much like America, is now left standing alone against Evil.

What can WE do?

We're not politicians.. we're not in a position to be heard.

Maybe not my man .. but by God.

God WILL hear our prayers for Israel .. and even though they are standing alone, they are not alone with God.

The faithful may not be in the news like the those others are but I believe in my gut that there are more of US then there are of THEM.

God will save Israel ... Our prayers will save Israel..

I vow to stand for the God.. to stand for what is right and just and good and I will be a beacon for those like me.. to prove to non-believers that there is still good in the world and the only safe haven is behind His shield.

Please take a few minutes to pray with me:

Heavenly Father, I kneel before You in prayer to keep Your children in Israel safe. Place Your shield around them to defeat those who have their back to You and bless us with Your grace and Your strength to continue to show Your light to the world. In Your Name... Amen

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