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There's been a lot of talk lately about the Federal Reserve.

Whenever there is a financial crisis, The Fed gets bounced around.. but how many of you REALLY know what it is.. who runs it.. what it DOES? You probably know that it buys our debt and sets up our interest rates and has a lot to do with the *cough* economic well-being *cough* of the United States.

Where did it come from?

G. Edward Griffin wrote a book called THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND and it's a fascinating book on the Fed. Really, a must read.

Let's start with the history of the Fed, as told BY the Fed on their website:

... after Alexander Hamilton spearheaded a movement advocating the creation of a central bank, the first bank of the United States was established in 1791

Great, right? The Fed was started by one of our Founding Fathers! That is from their website, btw, and unfortunately... it isn't true.

The first bank isn't the Fed.. soooooo, what does that have to do with anything? Well. Nothing. Guess they just wanted to through in a Founding Father's name to you know.. kinda sorta make it SEEM like the Fed had something to do with something that it didn't. Giving them, like, street cred or something.

The banks charter ran for about 20 years and it took that long for the American people to figure out that, yknow.. this central bank thing just isn't working out. Too much power and influence just like all the OTHER Founding Father's said so the charter wasn't renewed. Bah-bye central bank!

Ok. So more from the Fed's website:

... the situation deteriorated to such an extent that in 1816, a bill to charter a second Bank of the United States was introduced to Congress

The second bank was just like the first.. you know, the one that didn't get their charter renewed? .. only about 3 time bigger. Nice, right?

That charter did go through though and again, it took about 20 years for people to say, WTF! .. or the colonial equivalent. Again, too much power.. too much influence.. and so the 2nd bank's charter failed to be renewed.

With me so far? Ok. THEN on the Fed's website is says:

... in 1907, a severe fiancial panic jolted Wall Street and forced several banks into failure.. Many Americans [thought] their banking structure was sadly out of date and in need of major reform

The first act of the Federal Reserve bill was called the Aldridge Act and it failed. Then president William Taft refused to support it. So the bill was discectd and repieced together and reemerged as The Glass-Owen Bill and then President Woodrow Wilson (the progressive snot) signed it in 1913.

So that's the road to Lollipop Land that TPTB in the Fed want you to believe.

But the Federal Reserve Act wasn't drafted in Congress. It was drafted on a private island off the coast of Georgia in 1910. Jekyll Island. And it was drafted in more cloak and dagger secrecy then the last Harry Potter book.

Jekyll Island was where the billionaires went to play. People like William Rockerfeller and JP Morgan.

In 1910, Sen. Nelson Aldridge the repbulican "whip" in the Senate and the chairman of the National Monetary Commision.. sent his private railroad car to a Jersey rail road station where he picked up 5 men who were each instructed to come one at a time. They didn't want anyone being seen together, or give the impressin that they even knew one another.

Now Aldrige.. remember, he was the guy who wrote the first act of the initial Federal Reserve Bill, was buds already with JP Morgan AND was John D. Rockerfeller's father in law. So special interest there, right?

Abram Piatt Andrew, the assistant secretary of the treasury, was there as was Frank Vanderliff who was representing William Rockerfeller. Henry Davidson and Benjamin Strong were there represpenting JP Morgan and Paul Warber, a partner with Koon, Loeb and Company, and was presenting the Rotheschild Banking family.

Interesting side note, the Little Orphan Annie's  Daddy Warbucks was named after Warber.

Anyway.. these men, collectively, represented one forth of the ENTIRE wealth of the WORLD. You think people bitch about the "rich people" now? Think about it .. Rockerfellers.. Morgans.. Warbers.. Rothchildes.. one quarter of the ENTIRE WORLD's wealth.. all in one room.

So why all the secrecy? Well, if the American people knew that this bill which was suppose to protect them from the BigBadBankers was actually written by the BigBadBankers then the scam would have been out in the open.

These guys were all competitors but came together to form a kind of banking cartel so they wouldn't be in direct competition. Think oil cartel.. or drug cartel.. but THIS cartel went into partnership with the government.

So for more then a week, these dudes sat around Jekyll Island hammering out all the details that became the Federal Reserve System with five.. count them.. 5.. objectives.

Let's see how many of these YOU agree with:

  1. Stop growing competition from the nation's newwer banks (doesn't sound good to me)
  2. Obtain franchises to create money out of nothing to create lending (does that even sound legal?)
  3. Get control of all banks' reserves so the reckless one's wouldn't be exposed to currency drains or bankrupts (feel all warm and fuzzy now? NOT)
  4. Shift losses from the bank owners to the tax payers (just gets better and better, doesn't it?)
  5. Convince Congress that the purpose was to protect the public (um.. buy making up pay for their losses? Some protection)

They started the Federal Reserve with no money.. just a checkbook.

The government could go to the Fed and get instant money without having to consult the taxpayer. Sweet, right? Money created out of nothing and then given to the government. It's loaned by the banks to you and me and then we pay interest on it and it goes to them. Interest on NOTHING. Again, the Fed is nothing but a money cartel.. like OPEC.. that brought the government into a partnership that we have to answer to and it's only to enforce the rules of the cartel. You know, to bring those into agreement with the federal laws to protect you.

Is it me or does the Mafia do the same thing? Just a thought.

It operates under the protection of the Federal government and the government has really just given them a monopoly to create the nation's money supply.

There are NO elected officials .. there is virtually NO accountability .. to anyone.

The president doesn't name anyone to head it .. The Fed actually gives a LIST of people for the president to choose from. Hmmm.. what does your gut instinct tell you about that?

The Fed is PRIVATELY owned. But by? WHO ownes it? No one knows.. their books aren't open for public consumption.

This is what the Fed says on their website:

... although they are set up like private coporations and member banks hold their stock, the Federal Reserve Bank owe their esistence to an act of Congress and have a mandate to serve the public. Therefore, they are not really "private" companies, but rather are "owned" by the citizens of the United States

Really? REALLY? So... we can go and make a withdrawal? Yea.. NOT. Maybe lower the interest rates on the "bank" we "own"?? Good luck.

So it's not really private... not really public. What it it? A pez dispenser of magic money that buys our debt and dictates our interest rates.. sets our economic policies .. owes billions of dollars to other countries.. helps us borrow billions of dollars from other countries and then prints money out of thin air.

Remember Doug Henning? The long-haired, big moustached, weird magician back in the seventies? "IT'S MAHgic!". Guess so.

When G. Edward Griffin started writing THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND in 1994, reliable information on the Fed was hard to come by. There was lots of speculations.. lots of theories.. lots of train stops at Crazy Town.. But don't you think that all this cloak and dagger shit works to their advantage? This is TOO COMPLICATED for the American people to understand.. just TRUST us.. Uh-huh. The devil is always in the details. The real power of the Fed isn't monetary power.. it's morphed or leveraged into political power.. controlling countries around the world.. In fact, the New World Order often referrenced over and over again lately is actually THEIR phrase. They're buying politicians, media outlets, etc.

Think I'm crazy?

People, by nature, are herd animals. We follow leaders.. so all anyone has to do to control a people is to control their leadership. Politcal parties.. labor unions.. churches, etc. Remember Sal Alinksy's principle? Organize the organized. Hmm.. makes you wonder.

Anway.. you know.. there were a lot of "crashes" .. 1835, 1880, 1896, 1900, 1903, 1907, 1929, 1937, 1938, 1946, 1962, 1987, etc. But look at the clump of crashes at the turn of the century. In the later 1800's, it was JP Morgan who actually loaned money to the government. In '03, when the same thing happened, Morgan was like no.. can't do that anymore but I'll get my friends together and bail you out one more time. They did.. and that's what kind of led to this whole idea.

Honestly, this is like one big Ponzi scheme. But when you create money out of nothing then money goes into nothing so the booms and the busts are inevitable.

It is a popular belief that our money is backed by all the gold in Fort Knox... even though no one (not even Congressman) are allowed to see the gold in Fort Knox.. but did you know that the largest collection of gold is at the Federal Reserve? And that's not OUR money.. it's the FEDS! So if Fort Knox HAD it, why aren't they showing it? Makes you wonder.

Ronald Regan, btw, tried to take on the Fed during his presidency.

Look, we're heading for REAL bad times. Hey, for anyone old enough to remember what the 70's were like under Jimmy Carter.. what's coming is going to far, FAR worse.

Getting rid of the Fed is technically possible because it was initiated by an Act of Congress and can be abolished by an Act of Congress but does Congress have the backbone? The Fed still has a hold on Congress because they can make things very, very painful.

Consider this:

Back in the day when Andrew Jackson wanted to rid the 2nd centralized bank and then head Nicholas Biddle, Biddle proclaimed that he would pull the country down. The nation would fall.. the people will fall.. but the bank will not fall. That's exact quote, btw. And he almost succeeded in doing that so rest assured, with a push and pull of this magnitude, trying to stand up to the Fed will make them pull out all the stops.. ruin the economy and then blame it on us for challenging them.

Make no mistake, the centralized bankers are looking out for the centralized bankers.. not the American people.

So what do we do when this all comes crashing down?

First, if you haven't prepared then do so. There will come a day when a can of corn will be worth far more then a brick of gold. Second, you remember our early pioneers. They had nothing but each other and God.

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