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... So thou, Oh son of man, I have set thee a watchman unto the house of Israel; therefore thou shalt hear the word at my mouth, and warn them for me

                                              - Ezekiel 33:7

I recently wrote about the plot to destroy Israel HERE and will continue, but right now I am speaking from my heart.

My cousin Pam and her husband are in the middle of adopting a beautiful infant, Faith.

My niece Jessica and her husband have been blessed with a beautiful baby son, John.

My other niece Rachel is on the cusp of starting a new life with a wonderful man named Joe and I'm sure God will bless them with little ones in the future.

My cousins Erika, Rachel and Billy are entering into young adulthood where the world is at their fingertips.

But what "world" will they inherit? What is the "world" that Baby Faith and Baby John will grow up in? What will they know? What will they lose?

Fortunately.. oh, so fortunately.. no matter what the "world" is, these babies will be raised in faith. Erika, Rachel and Billy were raised in faith.. and because of that, they will be the future Good in a world of Evil.

Ok.. if you watch the news you HAVE to know that something very, very wrong is going on in both the Middle East AND in this country.

America has moved away from Good and slipped into bed with Evil, when we were asleep.

Obama, with his anti-Israel cabinet of advisers whose ideology has been funded by a man who's sole mission is in creating a borderless world and open society, has left Israel without an ally. For the first time the United States of America does NOT have Israel's back.

Israel, so much like America, is now left standing alone against Evil.

What can WE do?

We're not politicians.. we're not in a position to be heard.

Maybe not my man .. but by God.

God WILL hear our prayers for Israel .. and even though they are standing alone, they are not alone with God.

The faithful may not be in the news like the those others are but I believe in my gut that there are more of US then there are of THEM.

God will save Israel ... Our prayers will save Israel..

I vow to stand for the God.. to stand for what is right and just and good and I will be a beacon for those like me.. to prove to non-believers that there is still good in the world and the only safe haven is behind His shield.

Please take a few minutes to pray with me:

Heavenly Father, I kneel before You in prayer to keep Your children in Israel safe. Place Your shield around them to defeat those who have their back to You and bless us with Your grace and Your strength to continue to show Your light to the world. In Your Name... Amen

The Not So Secret Plot To Destroy Israel

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Do you get the feeling that everything you once knew was truth has been flipped ass over elbows?

Left is now right.. black is now white.. France is leading a freakin' military attack??? Did you ever think you would live long enough too see THAT? Or.. how about Israel .. did you ever think there would come a time when the US would NOT be an ally to Israel?

Well, my friends, both happened within the last week or so and not only did I never think it was possible, but it just doesn't sit well in my gut. Like eating too many donuts.

And believe me, I'm not the only one who thinks everything that's been going on recently with the US, the Middle East and our foreign policy doesn't make sense. There are leaders across the GLOBE who don't think it makes sense either.

Believe me, I'm a novice at foreign policy but when something isn't right then you dig deep for the big fish, rigth?

So here are some things that don't sit right:

High oil prices. We have high oil prices but we're not drilling. In fact, this past weekend the US gave permits to BRAZIL to drill in OUR waters but WE'RE not allowed to drill in our OWN waters. Then, you know, we're going to BUY our oil from BRAZIL. Does this make sense? If YOU understand it, please explain it to me because I'm at a loss.

Obama came out and said that he supports the youth revolution in Egypt. He would have pulled out the pom-poms and led a cheer if Michelle would have let him. But not a word on the youth revolution in Iran and then uses the military in Libya??? Does THIS make sense? If YOU understand it, please explain it to ME because I'm at a loss.

The administration praises the Muslim Brotherhood for peaceful (WTF?) but condemns the Tea Party for being violent (again, WTF!). The Unions are going CRAZY in Wisconsin.. actually BEING violent but he seems them as, again, peaceful. Maybe he's inhaling this time? Oh, wait. That was Clinton. Wonder if Hilary indulges?

Then there's the whole WAR thing:

No war for oil!! No war!! No war without Congress!!

... and then we get into a war. A war WITHOUT Congress.. A war FOR oil.. a war with yet another Muslim country.

Do they think we're not paying attention or are too dumb to thing we are?

And now FRANCE is leading an attack? And we flip the bird to England and Israel, who are were our allies (traditionally) buuuuut now we're sucking up to countries that were once our enemies???

Alice, we've fallen down the rabbit hole.

So you're getting this right? Doesn't make any sense on any level.

The main stream media isn't doing too much reporting on this (DWTS is on again, mind you) but Israel has been under attack and they are about to strike back. Look, they can only take so much and when they do? When they are forced to? The gates of hell are going to open and the US will do nothing.

But what about our troops? One of two things will happen:

Our troops will be called out of the Middle East, which I think is probably the best option. That would cause complete and utter chaos but you know, at least we wouldn't lose more lives. OR they will send MORE troops in because TPTB will see this as a *cough* HUMANITARIAN CRISIS *cough*

Either way, OUR troops and OUR nation are in trouble. Big trouble.

So let's try and put some of these puzzle pieces together. Bad decisions are one thing.. but these aren't just bad decisions. These are decisions that are being made because of an alterior motive that is putting our country at risk. Big Risk.

Sometimes these PTB intentionally work together.. sometimes not so intentionally and sometimes it's just the enemy of the enemy being used as a friend.

But what's the  motivation?

You know the "traditional" motivations are money, power and faith. Decisions are made all the time and the world really isn't any different. Or not so much different.

But now? The motive is to destroy Israel. To destroy it and wipe it off the map.

The motivation is to redistribute the wealth because <insert sarcasm here> they care so much!

The motive is to destroy capitalism and the western way of life. There are ALOT of people trying to do this. People like George Soros and his "open society".. which, yknow, really isn't what it's being promoted as. Open Society.. New World Order.. Borderless Society.. all are just a group of warm and fuzzy words that are really to bring down what made this country great.

This is a sacred and special land. There are many in this country that don't believe that, but many more that do. Many, like me and like the Founding Fathers who knew in their hearts that as long as we turn to God and try to serve Him we can expect his protection for God is the one that can shield us. For as much trouble that is out there, for all the evil that is building up.. only with firm reliance on the Divine and the protection of Divine Providence will we see miracles in our lifetime. I believe the hand of God will protect this nation because a great storm is coming but we will survive it.

The world view that has been allowed to fester and it is ANYTHING but a republic. There is an "Open Society" with all kinds of people swimming in Soros' sewer. There's the United Nations. There's Caliphate. There's Communisiom. They ALL want global domination.

And then there is us. Call us the Jeffersonians (Hey, I like Bones.. what can I tell you) .. those that believe in what our Founding Fathers, under the providence of God, created.

They've been organizing.. and for a long time. They used the notion that what they wanted to achieve could never be possible here. But that's what we're faced with.. our country is being defeated without guns and the world is turning ITS guns on our freedom.

Ok.. so... sorry for going off track there.

On with it:

So what the hell is going on with Libya? Do you know? So let's go back to the beginning. Better yet, let's go back even further to Tunisia because everything after Tunisia is just a domino effect.

Did you learn about Archduke Ferdinand of Austia? He was assinated and his assisination became the catalyst for World War 1.

What happened in Tunisia on January 31st could very well the Archduke Ferdinand moment that could plunge us into another world war.

WikiLeaks and it's anti-capitalism.. anti-American.. anti-Israel.. redistribution of wealth self .. was influential in jumping the Tunisia uprising. And then the uprising spread and the next place it catches fire is in Egypt.

The president applauded Egypt. Goes out of his way endorsing it without the use of his pom poms. Yes, Egypt! Rise Up!

Um.. ok.. that doesn't make a whole lot of sense because Egypt is the only country protecting Israel. Egypts army is huge and they're kind of like the gatekeeper and Mubarak, even though he's really not that nice of a guy, has always been a "traditional" ally. So why did Obama come out and publically support the uprising? Hmmm...

Remember that question and let's move on to the cries of the people in Iran. Why didn't Obama say anything about that? For Egypt, he encourages them but Iran? Nothing.. nada..

Here's the thing..

Under Mubarak, Egypt was Pro-Israel. But Iran is ANTI-Israel.

What to get rid of Israel? Get rid of Mubarak but keep Ahmadienjad. did you know that the State Department worked closely with activists to help destablized the region and jump start Egypt's revolution? Interesting, huh?

But we're not smart enough to figure this out, huh? Is it really that hard? Just a little reading of the non-mainstream media and a little common sense, right?

Ok.. moving on.

So you know, our governement throws some shade on the Muslim Brotherhood. Oh.. they're NOT anti-Israel.. oh no! They're SECULAR!!

Really? REALLY? Oh, come one!

Why are they saying that? Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the spiritual leader of the MB giving a speech in EGYPT after 31 years of being banished. In his speech, he says he despises Irael and .. his words here .. " use children as human bonds. Go kill Israel without fear."

So the MB isn't playing a role here, huh?

The Wall Street Journal Journal says the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood was found in 1928 by the remnants of the old ruling National Democratic Party and are the ".. loudest champion of today's referendum and the current timetable. They want elections before democratic forces can organize"

How can the government tell us that the MB aren't radicals... but they are and are not going to play a role.. but they will?? Think about it.

So the revolutions spred throughout the reason. It moves to Bahrain.. then Syria and Oman and Saudi Arabia. Libya. But, you know, we're only *cough* protecting here *cough*.
And the president still remains mum. No pom poms.. no cheerleading.. no nothing.

Not a word on Qaddafi. And as he's NOT saying anything except that he's going to wait for the United Nations to take the lead.. the rest of the world comes to it's own conclusions with Europe openly asking if Obama even gives a shit about all this at all.

Why? Now, we know Jeremiah Wright praises Qaddafi. We know that Farrakhan is a fan. And Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright visited Qaddafi. Why was Obama just.. what? Waiting?

Ok.. let's go back a little here. This is interesting how all these little spider webs connect.

Muammar Qaddafi, as recent as 2009, had hired an American PR firm called Monitor to re-work his image. Monitor, out of Harvard, is interesting in itself because of some of the people involved in it. Namely Cass Sunstein and George Soros.

Surprised? Don't be .. let the web weave it's lair.

So Soros is the biggest donor to the Fabian Socialists London School of Economics and he helped get Qaddafi's son in by offering up a 1.5 million dollar donation. But when the son gets caught plagiarizing on his thesis and this was someone that Soros' vouched for, well, Soros had egg on his face. Enjoy it, because it doesn't happen offen. He came out with this statement:

.. he advised the school it was acceptable to receive the contribution from Qaddafi's son, Saif, on the grounds that it appeared at the time to be a believer in an open society and he claimed to be moving Libya in that direction".

There's that Open Society thing again.

For those that don't know, an Open Soceity (According to karl Popper, a Soros' mentor) is ".. an association of free individulas respecting each other's rights within the framework of mutual protection supplied by the state, thus achieving through the making of responsible, rational decisions, a growing measure of humane and enlightened life."

Warm and fuzzy right?

Alright .. so somthing smells funny in Libya. Pro-Israel Egypt has revolted and Anti-Israel's revolt bared no consequence.

Make no mistake.. Israel is being led into war and it will set the world on fire.

Where was I? Ok..

England and France. When did the US ever follow France? When did we ever FOLLOW these two colonial powers not only into war BUT a war in Libya. Why does England and France want to help Libya??


Three little letters. They get oil from Libya, right?

So Obama trails along 2 colonial powers to fight a war for oil.

Buckle up, there is where it all comes together.

Obama justifies this via the Responsiblity Project, the International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect.

So we have Soros and Cass Sunstein helping to change Qaddafi's image because, in Soros' words, he promised to move Libya to an open society. Then Soros' gets burned. Fance and England go in to Libya and after the UN approves, so does the US and what Obama uses to over turn his previous "No War Without Congress" is the ICforRP.

I had never heard of that.. and I doubt the general populace has either.. but the UN adopted this concept and most Americans don't pay attention to the UN.

On the surface, it's principles, that government must protect their people from four evils:

  1. Genocide
  2. War Crimes
  3. Ethnic Cleansing
  4. Crimes Against Humanity

Sounds great, right? I mean, who can argue that those four things aren't evil and that people need to be protected against them?

Ok.. so if a country doesn't do that then the International Community can take measures, including dispatching the UN.. imposition by the UN Security Council of Sanctions.. the threat of International Crimes Court, etc.

Sounds FANTASTIC.. except it's all bull crap.

Did you ever hear of Samantha Power? She's been named an advisor to Obama on foreign policy and she is the one selling this idea. She wrote a book called "The Problem from Hell" that's all about genocide.

If you read the book, it's blatantly obvious that it's anti-Israel.

Before she became an Obama advisor, she was asked in an interview what her policy would be if she were to advise the President on Israeli-Palestinian issues. This is watch she said:

 Putting something on the line might mean alienating a domestic constituency of tremendous political and financial import; it may more crucially mean sacrificing -- or investing, I think, more than sacrificing -- billion of dollars, not in servicing Israel's, you know, military, but actually investing in the new state of Palestine, in investing billions of dollars it would probably take, also, to support, I think, what will have to be mammoth protection force.

A mammoth force to protect Palestine. But um.. isn't Irael our ally???

So now Power is an advisor who believes that the US needs to stop investing in Israel and start investing in Palestine. She's the one who convinced Obama to follow France and England. She's the linchpin.

A few other things you need to know about Samantha Power.

Guess who took her idea from her book and got it done? George Soros.

the Global Center for the Respnsibility to Protect lists Soros' Open Society Institute as one of the 2 foundations that bankrolled it.

Oh, and she's married to Cass Sunstein.

You can't make up shit like this!

You'd be dangerously mistaken if you believe that America still has power. It's been lost. We're not leading the world and all the other players in the world are fighting to take the top spot. They don't agree on everything but they do agree on being anti-Israel.. defeating capitalism and the western way of life. They're anti-Americnan.. anti-West and they want to realign the power.

What Obama did to get into Libya is the key to this.

Ok.. so what do we have so far?

France and England so into Libya.. The UN goes into Libya.. The US goes into Libya using the responsibility to protect, that was generated by Obama's foreign policy advisor Samantha Power (aka MRS Cass Sunstein)  and funded by George Soros and adopted by the UN.

The UN's Special Repertoirre on Human Rights in Occpied Palestine Territories is a dude named Richard Falk. Falk is VERY anti-Israel. In a report he delivered to the Human Rights Council in Geneva, he said that Israeli policies amount to ethnic cleansing, wars and crimes agains humanity. But that's not all he said. He went MUCH further then that:

 Tons of collective punishment that are being imposed on the entire people of Gaza have a resemblance to collective punishment that was imposed by the Nazis in Germany. And that if this kind of circumstance is allowed to persist, it could produce a holocaust.
It could produce a holocaust.

Ok.. so remember the four evils of the ICforRP that I wrote about a little earlier? The UN Policy that Obama used to war Libya? The one generated by Samantha "Mrs. Cass Sunstein" Power and funded by George Soros?

That one..

And don't you think that all four of those evils can really be summed up by one word? A word like.. oh, I don't know.. HOLOCAUST?

So here's this UN pointed, anti-Israel dude saying that the way Israel is treating the people in Gaza can produce a holocaust so HE wants to use the same Responsibility to Protect to invade Israel because he is on record saying he believes Israel is engaged in ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity.

This policy allows for the international community is justified in intervening in a country that they feel is doing these deeds.

Crazy, right? Can't write this stuff, right? Richard Falk is out of his freakin' mind, right?

This is what came out of the mouth of Turkey's deputy prime minister:

"We wish the United Nations had made such resolutions and countries had taken action in the face of the incidents in Gaza, Palestine and other regions." 
This guy is asking now to use this to go into Israel. An open society. A borderless world going against Israel.

You know.. NO ONE in the mainstream is talking about Israel and the fact that last weekend or so, they got pounded by the largest rocket pounding in the last 2 years. Benjamin Netanyahu has said that that the communists, socialists and extremists had created a fusion and are working together .. but eveyrone ignored him.

The other day, there was a terrorist bombing in Israel and the deputy prime minister of Turkey is calling for the bombing of Israel now with the U.N. Responsibility to Protect funded by Soros, pushed by Cass Sunstein's wife who's an adviser in the White House, and what we're using to go into Libya.

Israel is buckling under the pressure. Netanyahu said they are going to have to retaliate.

Now look at this map ..

Isreal is surrounded with haters and for the FIRST time, the US government is throwing them under the bus and siding with the enemy.

You have peopl that are pushing for a grand solution... people like Samantha Powers who suggest a MAMMOTH protection force AGAINST Israel. Well, the Muslim Brotherhood is about to get there hands on one.. it's called the Egyptian army. Why fund an army if you can take one? It may also include the Libyan army.

In fact, Time Magazine just reported that Obama may have known that the rebels the US is now protecting maybe al Qaeda and / or the Muslim Brotherhood. If he didn't, his advisors sure as hell did.

Most likely, Gaza is being armed too because in mid-March a ship from Turkey was caught smuggling a whole crap load of munitions into Gaza.

The players in this game don't care about Qaddafi .. they don't care about the Muslim Brotherhood.. they don't care about Turkey or Egypt or Iran. They are all pawns. All they care about is winning the game. It's in the Rules for Radicals.

The ends justify the means.

The win is the destruction of Israel.. the destruction of capitalism.. the destruction of the economic system.

To the winner goes the spoils .. but who, in fact will win.

Pray for Israel ..

Educate Yourself On: The Federal Reserve

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There's been a lot of talk lately about the Federal Reserve.

Whenever there is a financial crisis, The Fed gets bounced around.. but how many of you REALLY know what it is.. who runs it.. what it DOES? You probably know that it buys our debt and sets up our interest rates and has a lot to do with the *cough* economic well-being *cough* of the United States.

Where did it come from?

G. Edward Griffin wrote a book called THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND and it's a fascinating book on the Fed. Really, a must read.

Let's start with the history of the Fed, as told BY the Fed on their website:

... after Alexander Hamilton spearheaded a movement advocating the creation of a central bank, the first bank of the United States was established in 1791

Great, right? The Fed was started by one of our Founding Fathers! That is from their website, btw, and unfortunately... it isn't true.

The first bank isn't the Fed.. soooooo, what does that have to do with anything? Well. Nothing. Guess they just wanted to through in a Founding Father's name to you know.. kinda sorta make it SEEM like the Fed had something to do with something that it didn't. Giving them, like, street cred or something.

The banks charter ran for about 20 years and it took that long for the American people to figure out that, yknow.. this central bank thing just isn't working out. Too much power and influence just like all the OTHER Founding Father's said so the charter wasn't renewed. Bah-bye central bank!

Ok. So more from the Fed's website:

... the situation deteriorated to such an extent that in 1816, a bill to charter a second Bank of the United States was introduced to Congress

The second bank was just like the first.. you know, the one that didn't get their charter renewed? .. only about 3 time bigger. Nice, right?

That charter did go through though and again, it took about 20 years for people to say, WTF! .. or the colonial equivalent. Again, too much power.. too much influence.. and so the 2nd bank's charter failed to be renewed.

With me so far? Ok. THEN on the Fed's website is says:

... in 1907, a severe fiancial panic jolted Wall Street and forced several banks into failure.. Many Americans [thought] their banking structure was sadly out of date and in need of major reform

The first act of the Federal Reserve bill was called the Aldridge Act and it failed. Then president William Taft refused to support it. So the bill was discectd and repieced together and reemerged as The Glass-Owen Bill and then President Woodrow Wilson (the progressive snot) signed it in 1913.

So that's the road to Lollipop Land that TPTB in the Fed want you to believe.

But the Federal Reserve Act wasn't drafted in Congress. It was drafted on a private island off the coast of Georgia in 1910. Jekyll Island. And it was drafted in more cloak and dagger secrecy then the last Harry Potter book.

Jekyll Island was where the billionaires went to play. People like William Rockerfeller and JP Morgan.

In 1910, Sen. Nelson Aldridge the repbulican "whip" in the Senate and the chairman of the National Monetary Commision.. sent his private railroad car to a Jersey rail road station where he picked up 5 men who were each instructed to come one at a time. They didn't want anyone being seen together, or give the impressin that they even knew one another.

Now Aldrige.. remember, he was the guy who wrote the first act of the initial Federal Reserve Bill, was buds already with JP Morgan AND was John D. Rockerfeller's father in law. So special interest there, right?

Abram Piatt Andrew, the assistant secretary of the treasury, was there as was Frank Vanderliff who was representing William Rockerfeller. Henry Davidson and Benjamin Strong were there represpenting JP Morgan and Paul Warber, a partner with Koon, Loeb and Company, and was presenting the Rotheschild Banking family.

Interesting side note, the Little Orphan Annie's  Daddy Warbucks was named after Warber.

Anyway.. these men, collectively, represented one forth of the ENTIRE wealth of the WORLD. You think people bitch about the "rich people" now? Think about it .. Rockerfellers.. Morgans.. Warbers.. Rothchildes.. one quarter of the ENTIRE WORLD's wealth.. all in one room.

So why all the secrecy? Well, if the American people knew that this bill which was suppose to protect them from the BigBadBankers was actually written by the BigBadBankers then the scam would have been out in the open.

These guys were all competitors but came together to form a kind of banking cartel so they wouldn't be in direct competition. Think oil cartel.. or drug cartel.. but THIS cartel went into partnership with the government.

So for more then a week, these dudes sat around Jekyll Island hammering out all the details that became the Federal Reserve System with five.. count them.. 5.. objectives.

Let's see how many of these YOU agree with:

  1. Stop growing competition from the nation's newwer banks (doesn't sound good to me)
  2. Obtain franchises to create money out of nothing to create lending (does that even sound legal?)
  3. Get control of all banks' reserves so the reckless one's wouldn't be exposed to currency drains or bankrupts (feel all warm and fuzzy now? NOT)
  4. Shift losses from the bank owners to the tax payers (just gets better and better, doesn't it?)
  5. Convince Congress that the purpose was to protect the public (um.. buy making up pay for their losses? Some protection)

They started the Federal Reserve with no money.. just a checkbook.

The government could go to the Fed and get instant money without having to consult the taxpayer. Sweet, right? Money created out of nothing and then given to the government. It's loaned by the banks to you and me and then we pay interest on it and it goes to them. Interest on NOTHING. Again, the Fed is nothing but a money cartel.. like OPEC.. that brought the government into a partnership that we have to answer to and it's only to enforce the rules of the cartel. You know, to bring those into agreement with the federal laws to protect you.

Is it me or does the Mafia do the same thing? Just a thought.

It operates under the protection of the Federal government and the government has really just given them a monopoly to create the nation's money supply.

There are NO elected officials .. there is virtually NO accountability .. to anyone.

The president doesn't name anyone to head it .. The Fed actually gives a LIST of people for the president to choose from. Hmmm.. what does your gut instinct tell you about that?

The Fed is PRIVATELY owned. But by? WHO ownes it? No one knows.. their books aren't open for public consumption.

This is what the Fed says on their website:

... although they are set up like private coporations and member banks hold their stock, the Federal Reserve Bank owe their esistence to an act of Congress and have a mandate to serve the public. Therefore, they are not really "private" companies, but rather are "owned" by the citizens of the United States

Really? REALLY? So... we can go and make a withdrawal? Yea.. NOT. Maybe lower the interest rates on the "bank" we "own"?? Good luck.

So it's not really private... not really public. What it it? A pez dispenser of magic money that buys our debt and dictates our interest rates.. sets our economic policies .. owes billions of dollars to other countries.. helps us borrow billions of dollars from other countries and then prints money out of thin air.

Remember Doug Henning? The long-haired, big moustached, weird magician back in the seventies? "IT'S MAHgic!". Guess so.

When G. Edward Griffin started writing THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND in 1994, reliable information on the Fed was hard to come by. There was lots of speculations.. lots of theories.. lots of train stops at Crazy Town.. But don't you think that all this cloak and dagger shit works to their advantage? This is TOO COMPLICATED for the American people to understand.. just TRUST us.. Uh-huh. The devil is always in the details. The real power of the Fed isn't monetary power.. it's morphed or leveraged into political power.. controlling countries around the world.. In fact, the New World Order often referrenced over and over again lately is actually THEIR phrase. They're buying politicians, media outlets, etc.

Think I'm crazy?

People, by nature, are herd animals. We follow leaders.. so all anyone has to do to control a people is to control their leadership. Politcal parties.. labor unions.. churches, etc. Remember Sal Alinksy's principle? Organize the organized. Hmm.. makes you wonder.

Anway.. you know.. there were a lot of "crashes" .. 1835, 1880, 1896, 1900, 1903, 1907, 1929, 1937, 1938, 1946, 1962, 1987, etc. But look at the clump of crashes at the turn of the century. In the later 1800's, it was JP Morgan who actually loaned money to the government. In '03, when the same thing happened, Morgan was like no.. can't do that anymore but I'll get my friends together and bail you out one more time. They did.. and that's what kind of led to this whole idea.

Honestly, this is like one big Ponzi scheme. But when you create money out of nothing then money goes into nothing so the booms and the busts are inevitable.

It is a popular belief that our money is backed by all the gold in Fort Knox... even though no one (not even Congressman) are allowed to see the gold in Fort Knox.. but did you know that the largest collection of gold is at the Federal Reserve? And that's not OUR money.. it's the FEDS! So if Fort Knox HAD it, why aren't they showing it? Makes you wonder.

Ronald Regan, btw, tried to take on the Fed during his presidency.

Look, we're heading for REAL bad times. Hey, for anyone old enough to remember what the 70's were like under Jimmy Carter.. what's coming is going to far, FAR worse.

Getting rid of the Fed is technically possible because it was initiated by an Act of Congress and can be abolished by an Act of Congress but does Congress have the backbone? The Fed still has a hold on Congress because they can make things very, very painful.

Consider this:

Back in the day when Andrew Jackson wanted to rid the 2nd centralized bank and then head Nicholas Biddle, Biddle proclaimed that he would pull the country down. The nation would fall.. the people will fall.. but the bank will not fall. That's exact quote, btw. And he almost succeeded in doing that so rest assured, with a push and pull of this magnitude, trying to stand up to the Fed will make them pull out all the stops.. ruin the economy and then blame it on us for challenging them.

Make no mistake, the centralized bankers are looking out for the centralized bankers.. not the American people.

So what do we do when this all comes crashing down?

First, if you haven't prepared then do so. There will come a day when a can of corn will be worth far more then a brick of gold. Second, you remember our early pioneers. They had nothing but each other and God.

When Did God-Bashing Become American's Number 1 Sport?

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First of all, let's get this whole Separation Of Church and State out of the way.

THE most popular argument for those bashing God are 8 words written by Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptists:

... building a wall of separation between church and state.

8 words out of a whole letter.

Up until 1947, when the Supreme Court ruled on Everson v. Board of Education, the intent of Jefferson's communication with the Danbury Baptists were clear, religion was between a man and his God with no room for government to get in the middle and mandate one specific religion.

If Virginia wanted to be Catholic.. cool. If New York wanted to be Protestant.. have at it. It is the difference between alienable (government given) and inalienable (God given).

Jefferson believed that only God was the source of our inalienable rights and that the government had to be prevented from interfering with those rights and so the "wall" that is so often referenced since 1947 was intended to NOT limit religious activities in public but to limit the power of the government to INTERFERE with them.

You also have to understand that ALL the founding father's believed in God .. some more then others but none the less, they were believers. The Capitol, the Washington Monument all have references to God. Benjamin Franklin appealed for prayer at 1787's Constitutional Convention. The Capitol Building even held Sunday church services and Bible study for pete's sake!

They were believers and their belief built a nation.

So why is everything so different now? Why is there a deep seated determination to remove all references to God and Jesus Christ?

To me, the answer is simple.

Wiping out God is wiping out accountability. It means that you do what you want, ignore what it right and just, change what you want to change to move along your agenda. If it's not there, it doesn't exist... right?


God is in the hearts of his people.. you can remove the tangible but you will not remove the inalienable. And the more you try, the more our faith is made stronger.

The No Sheep Zone

Posted by Leese | Posted on 12:25 AM


For some reason, American's have gotten away from thinking for themselves. As a whole, we've become a society that easily swallows what is being fed to us... dumbed down, so to speak.

If you're offended, then you are one of those people being blindly led by those who want to destroy everything that is great about this country. Everything that made this country what it is used to be.

Use your brain ...
Listen to your gut instincts ...

It isn't my goal to have blind followers. Take the information given, do your OWN research. Question EVERYTHING.

Realize that those in power have agendas.. recognize that you do not live in a bubble..

The times, they are a'changin' and the responsibility of making those changes positive or negative lies with you.